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Any service to fit your marine transportation needs

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A diversity of services.

Oil and Gas Support.

Research & Defense.

Salvage Support.

Passenger Ferry Operations.

Windfarm Installation.

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SeaTarn Marine boasts a wide variety of services for our customers. We offer services beyond just offshore oil and gas exploration and production. We have completed projects with government and private partners both domestically and internationally. 

We also provide support to ferry services for both passengers and vehicles. Crossing a bay, a river or an ocean. We can provide your safe and reliable service. 

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Contact us to allow us to find what you need. SeaTran Marine routinely sources independent vessels who meet or exceed our safety and regulatory requirements. Let us find a vessel to fit your exact needs. 

Experience & Verification

SeaTran can meet and exceed any standard for any domestic or international contract. We are proudly verified members of many certifying agencies. We are pleased to connect with your company so we may prove our sterling qualifications for your project. 

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