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Proven History.

Unmatched Experience.

SeaTran Marine was formed by privately owned and family operated marine transportation companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico with over 50 years of experience in the industry.

SeaTran Marine provides clients with many benefits.

SeaTran covers all major ports in the Gulf of Mexico with a wide variety of vessels available for hire, including Crewboat/FSV ranging in length from 135ft to 175ft as well as many other options. This includes those with Dynamic Positioning (DP1 capabilities), ABS class, U.S. Coast Guard certified, as well as vessels rated for emergency and standby operations. SeaTran Marine crews are held to heightened safety standards under voluntary ISM compliance that includes all necessary training regiments for any Gulf of Mexico or foreign operations. SeaTran Marine has strategically located it’s main operating facility on the central Gulf Coast in New Iberia, Louisiana with a dockside location within the Port of Iberia.

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Blake Miguez
President / CEO
Ryan Landry
Vice President

Proud Community Member

SeaTran is proud to be partners with maritime community organizations that help to advocate for our industry. Industry challenges are always ahead. Without their help our industry would not survive.

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