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Safe Operations. 

Training to fit your needs 

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Safety goals are an important component of SeaTran's foundation for success.

Zero Incidents Culture

SeaTran Marine is aiming for a destination called “zero” – zero safety incidents, zero injuries, zero spills, and no vehicle accidents. To reach this destination SeaTran works under the assumption that every incident is preventable and strives to provide a workplace where a focus on safety, security, and reduced environmental impact is the natural way of doing things. SeaTran’s zero incident culture begins with management and is promoted with employees through the use of new hire orientations, job specific training, safety meetings and alerts, vessel inspections, employee evaluations and incentives, and listening and responding to employees’ safety observations and suggestions through SeaTran’s behavior based safety program. Incident notification, investigation, and analysis with a focus on corrective and preventative actions also ensure continued momentum towards destination zero.

ISM Code

The ISM Code’s preamble states that “[t]he cornerstone of good safety management is commitment from the top. In matters of safety and pollution prevention it is the commitment, competence, attitudes and motivation of individuals at all levels that determine the end result”. Mindful of and in adherence to this undeniable principal, SeaTran Marine has voluntarily elected to seek ISM Code certification of its safety management system. This certification process, through the American Bureau of Shipping, is expected to be completed in 2015.

Client Specific Training

SeaTran employs only licensed and qualified operators to navigate our vessels. In addition, each crew member must go through a standardized training course that includes Hazardous Materials handling, Rigging, and Water Survival, just to name a few. However our mariners must routinely meet the needs of clients with job specific training. As our clients scope of work grows so does or training. 

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