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Iberia Marine Service, LLC and Texas Crewboats Inc., privately owned and family operated marine transportation companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico with over 90 years of combined experience in the industry, are pleased to be members of the joint venture, SeaTran Marine, LLC.

The combined fleets of SeaTran Marine will provide clients with multiple benefits. Customers will now enjoy complete and surplus coverage in all major ports in the Gulf of Mexico with a total of 19 vessels available for hire including our two new 205’ class DP2 vessels. SeaTran Marine, will represent the largest Crew / Fast Supply Vessel fleet in operation in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico market. Our team can now offer for hire a wide variety of vessels ranging in length from 135ft to 205ft. This includes those with Dynamic Positioning (DP1 / DP2 capabilities), ABS class, U.S. Coast Guard certified, as well as vessels rated for emergency and standby operations. SeaTran Marine crews will be held to heightened safety standards under voluntary ISM compliance that includes all necessary training regiments for any Gulf of Mexico or foreign operations. SeaTran Marine has strategically located it’s main operating facility on the central Gulf Coast in New Iberia, Louisiana with a dockside location within the Port of Iberia with additional dockside facilities in Freeport, Texas. SeaTran Marine also has sales offices and personnel strategically located across the Gulf Coast in Houston, Lafayette, and Houma. Clients will now receive a unified notice for all available Iberia Marine and Texas Crewboat vessels offering the ease of one point of contact, instead of three, to hire any needed vessel.

Leading the new team at SeaTran Marine as CEO is recently re-elected Louisiana State Representative, Blake J. Miguez.

As the former president of Iberia Marine Service, Blake prides himself on bringing the unique alliance of youth and experience necessary to drive SeaTran Marine to be a client driven service company.

SeaTran Marine will offer our clients all of the benefits of a small privately held company while having all of the resources of a large public company. Most importantly, we can offer our clients more flexibility and better customer service.