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Committed to integrating effective safety management and environmental protection as essential components of our comprehensive HSE programs.

Safety Management System

SeaTran Marine’s has developed and implemented a Safety Management System (“SMS”). Through its SMS, SeaTran recognizes safety as a core value and identifies polices, practices, and procedures that assist in ensuring the proactive identification of hazards and the continued improvement of SeaTran’s safety culture.

Contained within SeaTran’s SMS are 3 of its key safety polices – Job Safety & Environmental Analysis (“JSEA”), Stop Work Authority (“SWA”), and Drug & Alcohol Testing.


Job Safety & Environmental Analysis

SeaTran employees utilize the JSEA process to ensure that hazards and impacts are identified and controlled. Any job (routine or seldom-performed) that has hazards or potential hazards is a candidate for JSEA. The JSEA process is a multi-step process whereby employees (i) break a job down into steps, (ii) identify hazards and potential hazards, and (iii) implement safe job procedures to eliminate or control risk.


Stop Work Authority

Under SWA, all SeaTran employees are empowered and expected to stop work when unsafe conditions or actions are observed. When SWA is instituted, work must safely be stopped, proper management personnel notified, and the unsafe condition corrected before work can resume. There are no reprisals for exercising SWA.


Drug & Alcohol Testing

SeaTran is a drug-free workplace. SeaTran strictly prohibits the use of illegal drugs and the misuse of alcohol. To enforce this prohibition, SeaTran has established DOT/USCG and non-DOT chemical testing policies. The intent of these policies is to send a clear message that illegal use of drugs and the abuse of alcohol are incompatible with employment at SeaTran Marine.