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The deckhand reports to the captain of the vessel or in his/her absence the mate. The deckhand is responsible for performing all the duties listed below and all other tasks and assignments as directed by the captain. As a member of the vessel's crew, the deckhand will actively participate in all emergency drills conducted on the vessel. He/she will practice safety at all times, comply with all company regulations and procedures, and strive to give prompt, "First Class" service to the company leasing the vessel.


  1. Assist in cooking meals for the vessel's crew and when necessary, for passengers.
  2. Clean and maintain galley in an orderly condition at all times. This involves:
    1. Washing, rinsing, drying and storing dishes and cooking utensils after every meal.
    2. Cleaning stove after every meal.
    3. Cleaning refrigerator. Keeping it free of molding and decaying food. Cleaning interior of refrigerator and freezing compartment once a trip.
    4. Keeping storage lockers and cabinets clean and orderly.
    5. Sweeping and mopping galley deck at least once a day.
    6. Keeping sink drains flowing freely.
    7. Using insecticide, when necessary to rid vessel of roaches, bugs and other insects.
    8. Cleaning bulkheads and overheads when required, but at least once a week.
    9. Properly disposing of garbage and cleaning garbage containers.
  3. Clean and maintain bathrooms/heads at all times. This involves:
    1. Cleaning interior and exterior of commodes, lavatories and shower stalls at least once a day.
    2. Maintaining an adequate supply of soap and tissue paper in each head.
    3. Sweeping and mopping bathroom decks at least once a day.
    4. Cleaning bulkheads and overheads when required, but at least once a week.
    5. Polishing all chrome, brass and bright work at least once a week.
    6. Clean mirrors daily.
  4. Clean and maintain the crew's lounge in an orderly manner at all times. This involves:
    1. Cleaning table tops.
    2. Sweeping and mopping deck at least once a day.
    3. Cleaning television sets at least once a week.
  5. Clean and maintain passenger quarters in an orderly manner at all times. This involves:
    1. Sweeping and mopping deck.
    2. Picking up and disposing of trash.
  6. Clean and maintain deck and super-structure in an orderly condition. This involves:
    1. Hosing down decks, bulwarks, and super-structure when required, but not less than once a week.
    2. Cleaning windows of wheelhouse as required, but at least once a week.
    3. Scrubbing decks, bulwarks, and super-structure when required, but no less than once a week.
    4. Keeping handrails free of grease, oil and dirt at all times.
    5. Inspecting all lights, (below and above deck) daily. Report to the engineer all burned out and malfunctioning lights. Replace burned out bulbs.
    6. Securing and storing water and fuel hoses in their proper places when not in use.
    7. Keeping ropes off deck and coiled on bits especially in rough seas.
    8. Keeping decks clear of trash, bottles, cans, unusable wood, pipe, rags, etc. at all times.
    9. Wire-brushing, prime and paint corrosion on deck, bulwarks, hull and superstructure as needed.
    10. Polishing all chrome, brass, and bright work as needed, but not less than once a week.
    11. Keeping water tight doors closed at all times.
    12. Checking fire hoses for leaks and keeping them and their nozzles in their proper places.
  7. Be on deck and within communicating distance at all times that the captain is operating the stern controls.
  8. Assist in the transfer of passengers to and from vessel. Ensure that passengers wear life jackets during the transfer.
  9. When necessary and as directed by the captain, assist in the transfer of cargo.
  10. Assure that all passengers remain seated while vessel is under way.
  11. Make sure that the passenger orientation video is played prior to each voyage.
  12. Make sure that passenger bags are out of the aisles and that passenger manifests have been signed by each passenger. Assure that passengers on deck wear life jackets.
  13. Splice and assist in the splicing of tie-up lines.
  14. If the engineer is resting during a voyage, perform engine room inspections as required in section 4.a. of the Job Description of Engineer. Also assist the engineer in the inspection and maintenance of all fire extinguishing units, fire hoses and fire monitors.
  15. Assist the captain in checking and inspecting the vessel's safety equipment.
  16. Man the lines necessary for mooring the vessel.
  17. Assist in the transfer of fuel and water.
  18. Assist in the re-stenciling and marking of equipment, especially safety items. This is to be done when markings on an item are no longer readable or are defaced.
  19. At all times maintain life rafts and life preservers in a state of readiness and availability for immediate use. Check condition of painters and ensure that all lines are free.
  20. Wipe up oil spills, and grease on decks immediately. Do not hose oil overboard; wipe up with rags!
  21. Report immediately to the captain, incidents, problems, weaknesses, hazards or unsafe conditions which could cause damage to the vessel or other vessels or harm to crew members, passengers and others.
  22. When in dry dock or in port, assist in performing task designated by the captain or any other SeaTran Marine representative. Such tasks may include scraping, chipping, and painting of hulls, cleaning tasks, painting masts, etc.
  23. Cooperate with the other crew members, give them a helping hand by assisting them in doing their tasks and always strive to perform assigned duties and tasks promptly and efficiently.
  24. At crew change:
    1. Turn over a clean vessel.
    2. Brief the relieving deckhand on the condition of the vessel and any special considerations, etc.
    3. Ensure that a well cleaned and orderly vessel is ready for operation by the relief crew.

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